Homes Viewing & Listing Instructions

General Public Viewing
   1. Click the down arrow in the Browse by Category box and choose either listing to view. 
   2. CCMD does not accept listing requests for any home that's not located in the Country Club of Mount Dora.
Homes for Sale
   1. All listing info MUST be submitted to the webmaster for listing. Do NOT send a website link.
       Realtors may submit their contact info.
   2. Listing Details: A virtual tour link must only show pictures of the home listed. If there is no
       link available, you may submit up to 15 pictures. Submit as much detail as you want listed, i.e. 
       number of rooms, etc.
Homes for Lease
   1. All of the above applies. 
   2. Rental periods: you may choose Week or Month.
       HOA rental policy allows rentals in Andover Meadows, Cottages and Hunters Greene
       neighborhoods by the week, month or longer. All other neighborhoods must be a
       minimum of 6 months.
  Note: Non CCMD resident realtors may contact Webmaster via the Contact Us link at the bottom
               of the website Home Page re: listing CCMD homes on this website feature.